Bus Planner/Bus Safety Information/Courtesy Seating


Bus Planner Portal can be accessed here.  Parents can create an account and add their child.  They will be able to see if their child is eligible for transportation, and if eligible, what their transportation schedule is (i.e. route, bus stop location, pickup/drop-off times and map of their house in relation to the location of their assigned bus stop).  It will also allow the Student Transportation Division to provide notifications directly to parents as needed and it provides an automatic notification to a parent if their child’s transportation schedule changes (for example: if a bus stop is changed or there is a need to redesign routes for your school mid-year).  To add your child, you will need their student ID. You can find your child's Student Number on any of their report cards, or you can submit a Student Transportation Public Inquiry Form and provide your child's Date of Birth, Civic Address and Guardian Contact Phone Number (to confirm identity)!  

BUS ROUTES 2023-2024

Please click here for the most current bus routes.


Resources on Student Transportation Safety have been developed by the District. They are available online and will be viewed and discussed in the classroom, early in the school year, as well as communicated to parents.

Please review each of the following with your child (click on each to view):

Early in the year we will conduct an evacuation drill to ensure students are familiar with procedures.


If your child is not eligible for the bus, you may apply for courtesy seating.  A fillable application can be sent to Ms. Ryan (valerieryan@nlesd.ca)

Courtesy Seat Application